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For Students

Upon graduation, all students formally become members of the Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA), a community more than 52,000 College alumni. Alumni share common experiences yet also reflect the diversity of our rich community.

Through this network of individuals you will find an abundance of advocates, supporters, sounding boards and friends. You will have chances to socialize and network, access to our searchable online directory, entrée to intellectual programs and events, and of course, an array of opportunities to celebrate and unite with Columbians who are proud of the Columbia College experience, as one that is singular and transformative. We are your portal to connect with classmates, old friends, and those who went to the College.

You will also have access to the University-wide Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), which connects alumni from different schools of Columbia University. Unique benefits of the CAA include its regional clubs and shared interest groups, for alumni who affiliate in a range of ways.

Find a Mentor

Find A Mentor

While still in college, finding a mentor who has completed his or her education at Columbia and is out in the world can be a great way to take advantage of alumni, who know the Columbia experience and also have real-life knowledge that can help with advising you on career opportunities, personal decisions or simply to be a friend and resource during your time at the College.

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Student Ambassadors for Columbia College Alumni

Student Ambassadors for Columbia College Alumni are student leaders who build relationships between students and the Columbia College Alumni Association.

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Class Day Student Prize

Class Day Student Prizes

The Columbia College Alumni Association partners with Undergraduate Student Life to present three student prizes each year that recognize the remarkable traits and participation.

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Senior Fund with Dean Valentini

Seniors for the Columbia College Fund

Seniors for the Columbia College Fund is a committee of student leaders from the graduating class that seeks to educate their peers about the impact and importance of the Columbia College Fund.

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