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Columbia College Fund

As Columbia College's annual fund, the Columbia College Fund provides critical resources in support of Core Curriculum, financial aid, internships, student life and much more.

How to Support the College Fund

Contributions to the College Fund are current-use and immediately available to serve our students and the faculty who teach them. Your gift to the College Fund can be unrestricted, so it may be used where it's needed most, or you can direct your support to these main College priorities.

You can also direct your support to the Columbia College Fund Scholarships which are awarded to College students each year:

  • Black Alumni Council Scholarship

  • LAACU Scholarship

  • Columbia College Pride Scholarship

  • Columbia College Women Scholarship

  • Young Alumni Scholarship

Gifts to the Parents Fund also provide unrestricted, current-use resources to the College that can be used where they are needed most.

Why Giving Matters

When you make a gift to the College Fund, you affirm your role as a stakeholder in the College's future and express your commitment to the success of both current and future students. All gifts to the College Fund support students and improve their Columbia College experience.

The College Fund measures its success on both participation — how many alumni, parents and friends make a gift each year — and total dollars raised. Therefore, every gift to the College Fund, no matter the size, will make an impact.

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Gifts to the Columbia College Fund support four main priorities: Core Curriculum, internships, financial aid and student life. These priorities are fundamental to the first-rate undergraduate experience that defines Columbia College.

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Directing a gift to one of the Columbia College Fund Scholarships is a great way to provide targeted support to students and learn about the impact on their undergraduate experience.

Impact of the Columbia College Fund

The Columbia College Fund has a tremendous impact on the lives of Columbia College students. Gifts to the College Fund help meet the essential needs of students, supporting their exploration and growth at Columbia.

Ways to Give

The co-chairs of the Columbia College Fund serve as alumni leaders and crucial partners in building support for the College Fund. They work closely with the College Fund staff and volunteers to provide strategic advice and general oversight.