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Alumnae Legacy Circle

Alma Mater Statue
The Alumnae Legacy Circle is a new leadership giving society dedicated to the collective power of female-driven philanthropy and its impact on Columbia College

At present, alumnae contribute significantly fewer dollars than their male counterparts. Alumnae gifts, on average, comprise only 25% of the Columbia College Fund dollars raised from the Classes of 1987-2016.

The Alumnae Legacy Circle has set its sights on closing this gap and elevating the voices of alumnae at the College. This network of dedicated alumnae spanning generations are leaders in their fields, in their communities, and at Columbia. The members of the Alumnae Legacy Circle have the capacity to inspire others and to initiate change.

Alumnae are invited to join this circle of women paving the way with a gift of $30,000 to the College Fund and a pledge of continued leadership support.

Membership in the Alumnae Legacy Circle in its inaugural year includes:

  • Opportunities to name a current-use scholarship and meet the student recipient at the annual Dean’s Scholarship Reception.
  • Recognition as a Founding Member in perpetuity.
  • Invitations to special events curated specifically for the Alumnae Legacy Circle and other leadership donors.

*Founding Member status applies to alumnae who join by December 31, 2017.

Founding Members

As of January 12, 2018

  • Sarah Aibel CC’92
  • Lori Alvino McGill CC’99, LAW’03
  • Maiken Baird CC89
  • Nairi C. Balian CC’88, P: ’16 (Co-Chair)
  • Sheetal Banerjee CC’89
  • Kyra Tirana Barry CC’87, P: CC’17
  • Stephanie Falcone Bernik CC’89
  • Francesca Bodini CC’06, BUS’09
  • Anna Brockway CC’92
  • Leslie Gittess Brodsky CC’88
  • Lisa L. Carnoy CC’89
  • Joyce Chang CC’86
  • Leslie Chang CC’92
  • Dehua "Wah" Chen CC'92
  • Debra C. Chow CC’01
  • Jennifer Christine Chung CC’98
  • Christine Cronin-Hurst CC’84
  • Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg CC’93
  • Abigail B. Elbaum CC’92, BUS’94
  • Michele Ann Esposito CC’96
  • Elizabeth Weir Factor CC’91
  • Katrina Froman CC’88
  • Dorcas W. Gardner CC’90
  • Michelle J. Goldberg CC’91
  • Wanda Holland Greene CC’89
  • Yael Halaas CC’92
  • Hilary R. Hatch CC’92
  • Sandra H. Hoffen CC’87
  • Divonne Holmes à Court CC’87
  • Nina L. Hong CC’93, LAW’96
  • Britta W. Jacobson CC’96
  • Gail A. Katz CC’97
  • Alison P. Kay CC’06
  • Mojdeh L. Khaghan CC’88, LAW’91, P: CC’17
  • Mary Kuo CC’92, P: CC’20 ’21
  • Amy H. Lee CC’94
  • Sunhee Lee CC’90
  • June Boonyasai Lehv CC’95, DM’00, ORTHO’02
  • Jennifer M. Levine CC’91
  • Pamela M. Levine CC’93
  • Julie Levy CC’91, P: CC’21
  • Tina Lin CC’91, PS’96
  • Donna MacPhee CC’89, P: CC’17
  • Julie Jacobs Menin CC’89
  • Samara Bernot Meshel CC’92, P: CC’18
  • Cindy Z. Michel CC’95
  • Cassey Morales CC’96
  • Maria A. Rodino CC’88, P: CC’18, CC’20
  • Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend CC’87, BUS’92
  • Claire Shipman CC’86, SIPA’94
  • Esther Sholes CC’91
  • Beth Shubin Stein CC’91, PS’96
  • Elana Drell Szyfer CC’91
  • Claire E. Theobald CC’88
  • Mila Tuttle CC’96, SIPA'05 (Co-Chair)
  • Mary Elizabeth Vig CC’91
  • Shazi Visram CC’99, BUS’04
  • Sandy Wang CC’92
  • Ellen Weinstein CC’93
  • Sherri P. Wolf CC’90
  • Alisa Amarosa Wood CC’01, BUS’08
  • Anonymous CC’87
  • Anonymous CC’90
  • Anonymous CC’98
  • Anonymous CC’98
  • Anonymous CC’01
  • Anonymous CC’04

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