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Student Ambassadors for Columbia College Alumni

Student Ambassadors for Columbia College Alumni are student leaders who build relationships between students and the Columbia College Alumni Association.

SACCA was created in 2013 to develop better connections between students and alumni, and our community as a whole. As a student ambassador, you can help direct the future of student-alumni interactions and provide meaningful insight that can shape the Columbia College Alumni Association’s future. More than 30 student ambassadors create and implement events and strengthen communications with alumni leaders while enhancing their leadership and communication skills. They also help to highlight Columbia College traditions to promote continuity and pride in the College for all students and alumni.

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2023-2024 SACCA Board

Ruth Dejene ’24, Co-President
Aishlinn Kivlighn ’24, Co-President
Mariana Henriquez ’25, Vice President
Charlie Huang ’24, Mentoring Chair
Rachel Smith ’26, Mentoring Chair
Maya Groothius ’25, Mentoring Chair
Rebecca Smith ’24 CCYA
Edward Awe ’25 CCYA
Tate Cowan ’25 CCW
Sarah Chagares ’26 CCW
Ryan Clarke ’24 Recruitment Outreach
Jeremy Suh ’24 Graphics Outreach
Anna Bowen ’24, Marketing Outreach
Sadia Safa ’24, CCFLI Rep
Sebastian Pallais-Akis ’26 Programming Chair
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