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Classes of 1991

Robert Hardt Jr.
154 Beach 94th Street
Rockaway Beach, N.Y. 11693

Classes of 1992

Jeremy Feinberg
211 W. 56th St., Apt 4M
New York, N.Y. 10019

Hi again. A lighter mail bag than normal this time, but still plenty to report.

One of the best parts of this job is hearing from people whom I lived with or hung out with during my first year at Columbia. Thus, Kevin Sanbonmatsu's e-mail was a particular treat. Kevin got his Ph.D. in astrophysics from Colorado in the summer of 1997, then did a post-doctoral fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1997-98 where he became a permanent staff scientist in theoretical plasma physics. He purchased a house in Santa Fe, N.M. last year.

Another correspondent in the same category is Suzy Kedron-Lyn, with whom I fondly remember rooting for the men's basketball team during lean times in Levien Gymnasium freshman and sophomore years. Since graduating with a B.A. in architecture, she went to work at an architectural firm that focused on upper-end residential projects. Although she "had a blast doing that" she decided to go to law school and is now practicing at Jenkens & Gilchrist in that firm's Dallas office. Suzy added that she has "a wonderful son who is now 7 1/2 but thinks he's 13" and a great husband who lives in New York. Suzy is in New York all the time and can be reached at skedronlyn@aol.com.

Tanya Nieri raised $3,000 for the Leukemia Society of America last November and, as part of the organization's cycling team, completed a 107-mile century bike ride in Las Vegas. In May of this year, she completed the Santa Fe century, a 104-mile bike ride with over 3,300 feet of climbing, again with the Society, this time as the team's mentor. "The thrill one feels upon the completion of such a physical challenge is amazing, and I hope that everyone gets a chance in their lives to feel as I did." When not biking, she has been enjoying her new job working for the Arizona State Legislature conducting outcome evaluations of state-funded social welfare and education programs.

Cary Hall and his family have moved from the Baltimore area to Telford, Pa. Cary is now affiliated with the law firm of Powell, Trachtman, Logan, Carrle, Bowman & Lombardo, in King of Prussia, Pa. Making the trek with Cary were his wife, Jen, and two children Luke, 3, and Tess, 1. Cary offered his e-mail address, caryhall@abanet.org, for those who want to get in touch.

That'll do for now. Do stay in touch. If it's not obvious from all of the columns I've written in this space since 1992, I do enjoy hearing from you.

Classes of 1993

Elena Cabral
Columbia College Today
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 917
New York, N.Y. 10115

I almost never get actual letters in paper envelopes anymore, but these days when the news comes in electronically, I get to learn new words like infomediary (keep reading). Risa Diemond and Jamie Arbolino were married last month in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Risa is working toward her Ph.D. in archaeology and Jamie's is almost finished with a master's in museum studies/anthropology. The couple is living in Washington, D.C. Although both are Class of '93, Risa and Jamie's romance did not begin until both were working at the American Museum of Natural History in New York in 1995. The guests included Jennifer Hays Woods, Joe Saba, Jennifer Fetner Saba, Nandita Gupta Kamdar, Carin Lueck Elam, Russ Singer '93E and Chirag Gandhi '93E. Other guests included Jamie Cesaretti and Elisabeth Cutler B'93. Jamie Cesaretti brought his 3-month-old baby girl, Hannah.

Jamie and Jules Park were married in June 1999 in Ohio and live in Manhattan. Steve Conway, Neil Turitz and Chris Tessin started an Internet startup company in Manhattan called HallofSports.com. Steve said the company sells authentic sports memorabilia and collectibles online and serves as an infomediary to the collectibles industry. A quick perusal of the user friendly site showcased a 1999 World Series baseball autographed by Derek Jeter and a framed lithograph of Jeff Gordon. If you're looking for an item for a charity auction, that's the site to check out.

I received a notice from the broker-dealer firm of Cantor, Weiss & Friedner in New York announcing that Matt Murphy has joined the firm as a vice president. Alicia Doiron moved to Los Angeles three years ago after finishing a degree in fashion design at F.I.T. She has worked at Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Guess in New York and L.A. before ending up in her current job as a wardrobe stylist. Alicia works on commercials and print jobs for companies like McDonalds, Maxwell House, Sears, Golden Grahams and others. You can catch her on the X Show on FX as the resident fashion expert.

Alicia recently met up with Lara Kass and Seth Rockman. She reports that Lara was visiting last month from New York, where she is a business consultant for an Internet website development company. Lara moved back to New York after finishing an MBA at Emory University in Atlanta. Seth is an American history professor at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Calif., near Pasadena. He earned a doctorate from UC Davis.

In April, I joined the ranks of the newly wed, and after posting so many wedding announcements over the years, I can now see, with much joy, what all the fuss is about. I'm grateful for all the good wishes, and to friends I was able to lure to the party in San Antonio. Send more of that mail.

Classes of 1994

Leyla Kokmen
2748 Dupont Ave. South
Minneapolis, Minn. 55408

Marriage and moving seem to be on the agenda for lots of our classmates. Tony Ambroza has moved to Portland, Ore., to work as a marketing manager for Nike. He married Cheryl Reed in November 1999. He's enjoying the Pacific Northwest and recently took a trip to Texas for the wedding of Burke Banda.

Marina (Gurin) and Erik Groothuis made the move out of the East Village and into the burbs, buying an apartment in Great Neck. Elizabeth (Berke) Vickery and her husband also moved to greener acres, buying a tree-shaded home in Scarsdale. Elizabeth also left her job at Towneley Capital Management to work for Flemings Capital Management.

Alex Metzger and Ritu Mukerji, sweethearts since sophomore year, were married in June in Napa, Calif. Alex wrote before the wedding that a few alumni were expected to be there, including David Divita '95 and Jane Doherty. Ritu is in her third year of medical school at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Alex has finished med school and started his residency in internal medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, also in Philadelphia, with an eye toward a hematology/oncology specialty. They plan to eventually move to California.

Word from Camilla Jackson is that she is now an associate at the law firm of Covington & Burling. Christine Parlamis is working as a manager in new business development for American Express, and Ali Lemer will be attending the University of Chicago this fall to get a master's in humanities.

Thanks to all those who wrote in, and please keep the news coming. Until next time.

Classes of 1995

Janet Frankston
2479 Peachtree Road NE
Apt. 614
Atlanta, Ga. 30305

Class of 1995

I'm glad to report on lots of our classmates here. We had a good turnout for our five-year reunion in June, and I hope everyone who attended had a great time. The weather was perfect.

At reunion, Colleen Shaw was days away from receiving her MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. The former varsity swimmer heads to London this fall, where she will work for Ford Motor Co. Hilary Lerner Gershman also came to the weekend with her husband, David, a lawyer. Hilary graduated from Fordham Law and was studying for the bar. Colleen and Hilary also gave updates about Lea Rappaport Geller, who graduated from Stanford Law and will clerk for a judge in L.A., and Denise Conanan, who is working on her Ph.D. in education at Michigan.

Colleen also mentioned that Doug Finn is an officer in the Marine Corps and Ed Goldstein is a lawyer for the government in Washington. According to an announcement in The New York Times, Ed married classmate Rebecca Gottesman. Rebecca graduated from P&S this spring and will do her residency in neurology at John's Hopkins. Ed, a lawyer in the office of the chief counsel of the Army Corps of Engineers in D.C., received his law degree from Yeshiva University.

At Saturday's dinner, Minie Shu, Colleen's freshman roommate and fellow varsity swimmer on Carman 10, talked about her new job. Minnie is now teaching seventh grade math in Washington Heights. She reports that Liz Poon is working for an Internet start-up after graduating from the Kennedy School at Harvard.

Mark Kravitz, who also made it for part of the reunion, graduated from the Cardozo School of Law in June. At Cardozo, Mark served as managing editor of the Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, which focuses on legal issues concerning intellectual property law, entertainment law and the First Amendment, and also as a member of the American Bar Association subcommittee on Internet gaming. In addition, last spring he published an article discussing the application of one of the federal rules of civil procedure about Internet jurisdiction. This month, Mark begins practicing intellectual property and commercial litigation at the New York office of Bryan Cave, a St. Louis firm with more than 600 lawyers worldwide. He is also working on a new Internet project with his dad. Check out kosherfinder.com - the most comprehensive guide for kosher products and services on the Internet.

Amanda Kahn is working on her Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of California at San Francisco. During the reunion dinner Saturday night, Amanda volunteered that she has one of the more unusual jobs among our classmates: she studies how worms smell. Owen Hill claimed he had the second most unusual career: he teaches squirrels to water ski. (Just kidding, he admitted. He's really a corporate lawyer).

Our famous "Road Rules" classmate, Allison Jones, is now a doctor. After spending time on the MTV show (usually clad in a Columbia sweatshirt) Allison went to med school at P&S. She will do her residency in emergency medicine at Boston City Hospital, but will first spend a year in San Diego. Allison said several of our classmates also graduated with her: Emily Hu, Jason Levine and Patty Irigoyen.

At the Saturday dinner, Mona Zutshi slipped me a note about her and her fiancé, our classmate John Opufor. Mona writes that she and John met in logic and rhetoric in the spring of 1992 and have been together ever since. They plan to marry next June. "I'm a writer, he's a banker and we live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with our sweet dog, Roxie."

More news: Susan Nathan is at the Law School. Arlo Devlin-Brown graduated from Harvard Law and is clerking for a judge in Portland, Maine. Marilyn Farquharson is an attorney in Pittsburgh, practicing corporate and sports law. Rob Springer is living in Boston. He finished his degree at the Kennedy School and is working in real estate investment. Jocelyn Liang is living in San Francisco, where she works for a PR/public affairs agency.

Mike Stanton got married last spring and brought his wife, Elizabeth Roy, to reunion. "She went to Yale as an undergrad, but repented and actually graduated from the J-School in '95, same day we got out of the College," Mike writes. They met at The Bond Buyer, where Mike now works as editor-in-chief, and started a long-distance relationship after he moved to Washington in 1996. She's now at TheStreet.com.

Mike reports that classmate Noam Saxonhouse served as his best man. Noam is now an MBA student at the University of Chicago. Also in attendance were Mike Kingsley and Adam Epstein, along with Stephanie Geosits and Elliot Regenstein, both '94. "Also, in one of those 'small world' things, Beth's cousin is Noah Roy," Mike writes. Noah sang at the reception.

Another Spekkie: Tim Carvell, who couldn't make the reunion from his place in the Bay area, is now working at the new Time magazine eCompany Now. I asked Tim to write in a short update, and he responded: "Could you just write the following: Tim Carvell '95 is now an astronaut; it's the first time in their history that NASA has sent a Nobel Laureate into space. 'And he's handsome, too,' NASA added. 'Damn handsome.'"

Tim is a senior editor at eCompany Now, which covers business and the Internet. "The magazine is based in San Francisco, and I'm living in Oakland, both of which are perfectly lovely cities filled with quaint little stores; there is a local chain of coffee bars out here called 'Starbucks' that I think is really going to catch on, but then again, I still have all my eight-tracks, so what do I know?" Tim writes. Previously, Tim wrote about the entertainment industry for Fortune.

Svetlana Brook completed a master's degree in English at Hunter College. "At Hunter I received an award for 19th and 20th century British literature. I've been accepted to the CUNY Graduate Center for a Ph.D. in English, which I'll start in the fall." She will also be teaching English at John Jay College for Criminal Justice.

Finally, due to an editing error, Bryonn Bain's name was spelled incorrectly in the last issue. CCT regrets the error. In case you missed it, Bryonn was featured on the cover of the Village Voice last spring for an essay he wrote called "Walking While Black." Check out www.villagevoice.com/issues/0017/bain.shtml to read his story, though it may not be there by the time this is published.

Thanks for all the updates, and keep the news coming.

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