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Classes of 1996

Ana S. Salper
c/o Columbia College Today
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 917
New York, N.Y. 10115

Greetings, classmates! As is increasingly becoming customary, I begin my column with a congratulations to Betty Tanenbaum Baron, who was married to Michael Baron last March in Boca Raton, Fla. If anyone would like to get in touch with Betty, she may be contacted at btanenbaum@hotmail.com.

After two years in international equity research, Malik Rashid has embarked on his third year at INVESCO Global in Atlanta as a business analyst and risk management analyst. He took the CFA Level III exam this summer, and plans on going to business school in the fall of 2001. If anyone is interested in contacting Malik, his email address is mo_rash@hotmail.com. Malik reports that en route to his vacation in the Philippines last fall, he stopped in Japan and met up with Bradley Meacham, who is working with Bloomberg News in Tokyo.

Matthew Bowker spent his senior year in Paris at Reid Hall and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), after which he lived and worked for some time in Benin, West Africa, first as a trash collector then with a small non-profit organization. Since his return he has bounced around a bit, mainly between Dallas and Denver, doing coursework and working as a mental health clinician, a debate coach and a grant-writer. This fall, he will begin his Ph.D. in political psychology/political philosophy at the University of Maryland as a doctoral fellow at the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences and the department of government & politics.

Keith Simon is in the Peace Corps in Bolivia working in a tiny village with rural sanitation. He has been there since September '98 and will be there until November of this year. Keith writes that when he gets home he plans on making a road trip to visit old friends, so if there is anyone with whom Keith has lost touch who would like to see him, he may be contacted at simonk99@hotmail.com.

Geremy Kawaller is working as a software engineer at IXL, a company that designs and develops websites for businesses. Julie Satow has begun a new job as a reporter for BondWeek magazine, a publication of the much-revered Institutional Investor magazine. Matt Lasner is entering a Ph.D. program this fall in urban planning at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard.

Jim V. Carter, Cathy Chatawanich and Chris Holst all graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in May. They have really enjoyed being in Austin for the past three years, as it is a fantastic place to live, learn and listen to live music. Jim plans to spend a year clerking for a federal district court judge in Sherman, Texas, and then will move to Washington, D.C. to work for a law firm. Cathy will be working for the firm of Bradley Arant Rose & White in Birmingham, Ala. Chris will return to the Philadelphia area to hunt for a job there. They report that Nick Chremos also graduated with them.

Now for our budding doctors. Navid Mootabar, Kunal Jajoo and Parag Gandhi all graduated in May from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. All three are staying at the Mount Sinai Hospital for their residencies. Navid is starting ob/gyn, and Kunal internal medicine. Parag is doing his internal medicine internship at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu for a year before returning to Mount Sinai for his ophthalmology residency next June. He writes that if anyone is going to be in Honolulu this year, please drop him a note!

On a recent trip to New York, I ran into Scott Sartiano at Spa, one of the oh-so-hip new nightclubs in the city (it is the much-improved setting of the System, which hosted our graduation ball after-party). Many of you might remember Scott from the tennis team. He is now a partner with the group that owns Spa, the same group that owned the club, Life. Scott reports that Adam "Tex" Beshara just recently got married. Congratulations to you, Tex!

As for yours truly, I am probably somewhere in Tuscany or Provence right now, taking advantage of some free time to traipse around Europe before moving back to New York to begin my vacation-less life at a law firm. So please write or e-mail your news directly to the CCT office, and it will be forwarded to me. I will have new contact information in New York by the time the next issue is published. Lastly, for all you folks out there who are getting tired of the moving, the shaking and the schmoozing, this one's for you, courtesy of Mark Twain: "It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." Until next time.

Classes of 1997

Sarah Katz
The Wellington
135 South 19th St.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103

Greetings from your new class secretary! Thanks to everyone who sent in their news! Keep those letters and e-mails coming!

Luisa Cruz is at Northwestern, where she earned a master's in music education in June (Congratulations Luisa!) and hopes to get a high school band director job in Westchester. "If anyone has any leads, let me know!!!" Also at Northwestern is Andrew Freedman '95, whom she sees a lot in the computer lab.

Jim Anthony has moved to Dayton, Ohio, where he owns a house and has two dogs. He works at Hartford Research, Ltd. and is also the head coach for the University of Dayton men's crew team. He was married to Sarah Corathers, Barnard '96, on June 24. (Congratulations Jim & Sarah!) Sarah attends Wright State University School of Medicine.

Nomi Victor (my roommate of six years during and post-college!) works at publisher W. W. Norton. She tells me that James Hitt has finished three years of his M.D.-Ph.D. program and is engaged to be married. Kate Kelly recently began a job at a Time magazine, so we'll no longer be able to find her wit on the pages of the New York Observer.

Daphna Gutman (my roommate of three years in college and down-the-street neighbor in Brooklyn) tells me that both she and Jon Schwartz work at KBC Financial Products, a Dutch bank. Shauna Grob works for the Soros Foundation and lives with Boris Katchka in Brooklyn. John Guthrow works for Columbia admissions. Daphna and Jon recently attended a mini-Columbia reunion in Atlanta at the wedding of Laura Chittick and Graham Goodkin. Laura writes that also attending were Rickie Sonpal, Shahrad Sassouni '97E, Chris Chavis '97E, Russell Miller (best man), Katherine Mack, Lainie Perlman, and Reena Shah. Congrats to Laura & Graham!

Hannah Trooboff has spent two years living in Washington, D.C. and working as a research associate for an independent historical commission established by the Swiss government, investigating the movement of Nazi gold and Jewish refugees through Switzerland during WWII. She moved to Rochester, N.Y., in August 1999 and is now pursuing a master's in teaching from the University of Rochester. She just completed her student teaching in secondary English in the Rochester City School District. Brian McCollum SEAS '97, also in Rochester, N.Y. has been working since graduation as a process engineer for Xerox's photoreceptor plant.

Hannah had lots of other news: Sarah Benor and Mark Bunin were married in September 1999. Hannah attended the wedding along with many other Columbia grads including Abby Treu, Jill Jacobs, Rachel Mann, Andy Blumsack, and Ronit Siegel. Sarah is a Wexner Fellow getting a Ph.D. at Stanford in linguistics, but she and Mark are moving east, because he will be attending medical school in the fall. Jill Jacobs finished her second year at the Jewish Theological Seminary rabbinical school and will be spending next year in Israel. Beth Samuels is getting a Ph.D. in math at Yale, and Beth Packman is in Israel on a Dorot Fellowship and will be at NYU law in the fall. Dina Spiegel is studying psychology at NYU.

Hannah also told me that Rachel Mann is working on her Ph.D. in English at NYU. She got married last summer to Josh Rosenblatt, a graduate of Wesleyan, and they happily reside in the Gramercy area of N.Y.C. Rachel also included the following updates: Tina Hermos finished her second year of medical school at UMass in Worcester. Nina Covalesky, until February an associate editor at Columbia magazine, is now an account executive at Joele Frank, Wilkinson, Brimmer, Katcher, a corporate public relations firm. She and Jesse Levitt were shooting a short film called Cressid, based on Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, over the summer. Jesse just graduated with a master's in mathematics from GSAS. He will be working for Putnam in Boston this fall.

Hannah continues: Gabriella Carolini has spent the last three years doing consulting work in New York with Orion Consultants. She heads off in the fall to Oxford University to pursue an economics/political science degree in economic development. Cindy Warner just graduated from Penn Law School and will be working at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, a New York law firm, in the fall. Gabby and Cindy were both headed to Malaysia in August to visit Chi-Ren Choong, who has been working for various television and movie producers over there. He recently did work on location for Anna and The King! Paul Tuchmann worked for two years in Washington, D.C., both in the White House speech writing office and for the vice president. He just finished his first year at Harvard Law and worked this summer at the U.S. Attorney's office in Boston. Clarette Yen finished her second year of law school at the University of Virginia and worked the summer in Washington, D.C., at the Arent Fox law firm. Joshua Shank finished a master's in city planning at MIT last year, and he's now working on his Ph.D. in urban planning at Columbia. Allison Orris spent two years in Washington, D.C. working for the Department of Health and Human Services. She finished her first year at Yale Law and spent the summer at a law firm in Washington, D.C. Allison added the following updates: Sheeva Talebian finished her third year at Mount Sinai Medical School, and Maggie Lewis is heading back to N.Y.C. (following a summer of traveling) to start her J.D. at NYU law after three years of studying/working in China. Jeremy Feit graduated from Yale Law and will be spending next year working in Israel. That's a lot of news, Hannah, thanks!!!

Nathaniel Mayfield recently completed a Fulbright Grant in Germany. He also won principal trumpet with the Des Moines Metro Opera and, since graduation, has played principal trumpet with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and the Singapore Symphony.

Shivali Shah spent a year in India studying Indian classical dance (kathak) and drumming (tabla). Now she is at Duke Law School, along with Joanne Kwong. Shivali is part of a group of women who have started an organization to help South Asian women in situations of domestic violence in North Carolina. Shivali is still in touch with Reena Shah, who learns from the same kathak teacher. Reena just finished an M.F.A. in creative writing at NYU and is living in Brooklyn. Shivali also often sees Pallavi Tipnis '95.

As for me, I am wistfully leaving a job I love at the Children's Defense Fund-N.Y. and moving to Philadelphia this fall to attend University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Classes of 1998

Sandra P. Angulo
Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway, 30th floor
New York, N.Y. 10019

Hey, folks. Special shout out to Andy Topkins (who, by the way, got a great big promotion at The Beanstalk Group this summer) and Julie Yufe for supplying most of the news for this issue.

Mazel Tov to Brooks Herman and Joanna Erman, who are engaged. On the back-to-school front there's Jeannette Jakus, who is going to Jefferson Medical School this fall; Eric Pinciss, who moved to N.Y.C. from D.C. to start an accelerated program at Cardozo Law School last summer; and Liora Powers, who starts her first year of law school at Cornell this fall. Speaking of law school, Jeremy Kamras (who's at Harvard Law) was in N.Y.C. last summer working for Sullivan and Cromwell.

As for our blossoming entrepreneurs: Daniel Pianko and Justin Garrett started an Internet company called Acedog Media, based here in New York. Ezra Freedman launched a website called eventbooks.com, where people can create free, events-themed webpages. Ezra, who's living in Rhode Island, already started a CC '98 page, which you can access by going to www.eventbooks.com/cc98. Lauren Giglio is the director of marketing at The Square (www.thesquare.com), a web-based community for "students and alumni of prestigious universities." Lastly, Rafay Farooqui, who is the treasurer of Columbia College Young Alumni, has been working at Goldman Sachs in New York.

Hope you all have a wonderful fall, and keep the e-mails coming!

Classes of 1999

Charles S. Leykum
41 River Terrace
Apt. #3404
New York, N.Y. 10282

Now that we have been out of school for over a year, we have a number of updates for the class.

First, on Saturday, July 1, Melissa Li was married to Derek Ng on campus, at none other than our own St. Paul's Chapel. Melissa is finishing up her first year as a medical student at Stony Brook.

After spending a year pursuing studies in Jerusalem and traveling throughout Israel and Europe, David Schach '99E recently returned home to Nashville, where he spent some time before leaving for Camp Remah, a summer camp in Wisconsin. Following his time as a camp counselor, he will start his first year as a Northwestern University medical student in the fall.

In the world of finance, Hisataka Muto has completed his first year as an analyst in the credit risk management group at Bear Stearns. His position involves quantifying credit risks in derivatives trades to match the firm's risk appetite. Sarah Holst recently returned from vacationing in France and is working in the financial institutions group of the investment banking division at Salomon Smith Barney here in New York.

Justin Shubow has left his position as the online editor of the Forward newspaper to study for a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Michigan. Jason Deck is living in London and working for a high technology firm. Kate Schechter spent the last year at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, where she worked as a trial preparation assistant in the rackets bureau. She is also looking forward to attending law school in the fall to pursue a career in public interest law.

Thanks again to those classmates who sent in updates.

Classes of 2000

Prisca Bae
1832 N. Veitch Street, Apt. #1
Arlington, Va. 22201

Hi, everyone! Here's our class's first-ever alumni update. Ironically, I wrote it from within Columbia, in the computer lab in Schapiro!

I want to begin our first column with our first weddings. Eric Goldberg was married on June 25 to Karen Zelenetz '01. He will soon start working in the fixed income division at DLJ (Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette). Congratulations also to Allison Snider (a John Jay 12 alum) and Matt Young, who also were married over the summer.

Hopefully, everyone has been well since we last saw each other. I went back home near Chicago after graduation, then passed through Manhattan on my way to Washington D.C. Being in the Columbia area was great - I ran into many familiar faces.

Ami Shah is still in the city - we ran into each other in front of Ollie's. She'll be living in Brooklyn for the time being. On my way to Schapiro one night, I saw Charles Saliba and Amy Lin on 115th Street. Amy is currently living in IKEA heaven in Astoria and was (hopefully) going to be vacationing soon. She will be consulting at Towers Perrin. Meanwhile, Charles, our fearless class president, is interviewing and has found an apartment in Harlem. Other classmates in New York over the summer included Alicia Dooley and Anthony Ramirez. Alicia is working at Electric Artists, an Internet music marketing company, and Anthony was taking summer school classes. He would like me to report that he did quite well on his midterm. I hope you did well on your final, Anthony.

In typical New York fashion, I bumped into Mark Mitchell at Zabar's and Adelaide Scardino at Barney's. Mark will be working in I-banking at Lehman Brothers and living in a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Adelaide was acting in a theater festival in Williamstown, Mass.

As requested, this next bit will be dedicated to all those who lived on John Jay 12.arguably the best first-year floor ever:

Abigail Krauser received Columbia's Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship, which sends her to the University of Oxford for the next two years where she will earn a B.Phil. in Philosophy. Vanessa Countryman will also be at Oxford pursuing her M.Phil. in Victorian literature at Lincoln College. In New York, Lystra Batchoo is working at the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that funds and provides management assistance to nonprofit organizations with the objective of ending poverty in N.Y.C. Tom Dapice is starting his master's in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Jeremiah Marble was in L.A. working for an Internet startup before heading to Western Europe, and begins working for Deloitte Consulting in September. Salil Seshadri spent the summer teaching tennis at a Long Island country club and will be working in Manhattan at Goldman Sachs. Finally, Jon-Claude Zucconi will be working as an investment banking analyst for Salomon Smith Barney in the fixed income division.

Columbia produced many Peace Corps volunteers this year. Russ Kratzer will be in China teaching English, while Ellen Downes will be in Mozambique. Tom King will travel to Russia, and Jerry Bramwell will be in St. Lucia to do a business program in the Peace Corps. Until then, he's just hanging out in Staten Island, visiting with friends.

Meanwhile, back in the States, James A. Schmid is playing league roller hockey, going to the opening concert for Poison's tour and getting ready to head to rural eastern North Carolina to start Teach for America.

Stacey Browne is currently between moves, but can be contacted at slb55@columbia.edu and will (at least for the next two years) be in the South Jersey/ Philadelphia area, where she will be teaching in Philadelphia's public middle schools.

As for some fellowship recipients, Yosie Levine is off to Berlin in September. He and Roger I. Zakheim will be fellows there under the auspices of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation. In Berlin, they will be teaching/studying at the newly-founded Beit Midrash of Berlin - the first Yeshiva to operate in Germany since WWII. The program director is a fellow CC alum - Joshua Spinner '92. Lindsay Koss received a Fulbright grant to study in Spain. She will pursue a project about colonial Latin American history.

Future doctors include Bram Raphael, who summered at his parents' house in Scarsdale, N.Y., relaxing before NYU Medical School began in late August. Rob Duffey also started med school in August, at Albert Einstein in the Bronx. Ravi Shah will attend the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago. Glenn Yiu headed up to Boston on July 1 to begin an M.D./Ph.D. program at Harvard Med and MIT. Ramya Mohan will be starting her studies at Harvard Medical School in the Ph.D. program in biological and biomedical sciences.

As for lawyers-to-be, Greg Lembrich and Lucy Chen are at Columbia, Kevin Woodson is attending Yale, Mike Saarinen and Kenny Keutsch are at Harvard, Barbara Ho is at the University of Chicago and Edgar Lewandowski is at NYU Law. Daniel Guggenheim will be starting law school at USC in August 2001 and will also be working toward his M.I.A. in addition to the J.D. In the meantime, he spent the summer surfing off the south shore of Kauai, and from there was planning to travel the oceanic world for a year working as a SCUBA Divemaster (instructor). Currently, his plans include Australia and New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, the South Pacific and the Caribbean.

Jacquie Seidel was interning at a contemporary Asian art gallery down on Walker Street over the summer and still living on campus before starting law school down in the East Village at Cardozo. Felix Bronstein was a summer intern at Proskauer Rose in Times Square and is attending Cornell. Sam Hirzel is attending Penn State's Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle, Pa., on a full scholarship and plans to pursue his M.B.A. as well. Andrea Toth worked for the summer at the Business Council for International Understanding in N.Y.C. and then headed to Georgetown's Law Center to study international law.

Other grads who can't get enough of school include Scott Schnee, who worked for an astronomy professor at Columbia this summer. In the fall he will begin a Ph.D. program in astronomy at Harvard. Paul Wehn will be at Stanford pursuing graduate studies in chemistry. Michelle Wang (my fabulous calc TA) will be at UCLA as a grad student in math. Linda Lam Perez is enrolled in Columbia's Teachers College and expecting to receive her Ed.M. in social studies in May 2002. Flavius Stan will begin his master's in European politics and policy at the Center for European Studies at NYU. He spent the summer in Romania fundraising and working for a foundation that he started in 1997. The foundation, called the Ovidiu Foundation (named for a friend with Down Syndrome) has six projects so far and deals with abandoned babies, mentally and physically handicapped youth, abused teenage mothers and other underprivileged people in Romania. So far the Ovidiu Foundation has helped in one way or another more than 600 people since its beginning. Best of luck, Flavius!

Evidio Musibay is attending the University of Texas for graduate school in microbiology. Narisa Laplamwanit is beginning work toward her Ph.D. in economics here at Columbia. Andrew Goldberg spent the summer writing and producing, with Andrew Olanow, a series of comedy shorts for Nibblebox.com called American Standard. He enters the producers program at UCLA's Film School in September.

Nathan Hale wrote in from Nice, France, where he enjoyed a few weeks with Bram Raphael (and was expecting to meet up with Charlie Nightingale). Nathan was going to be working on the sports desk at Newsday on Long Island this summer before attending the School of Journalism in the fall. Kimmy Szeto reports that for the next six years or so she will be at the department of music, University of Chicago, but can still be reached at ks287@columbia.edu.

Now, for those in the so-called "real world." Matt Greer will be "selling his soul" at Goldman Sachs in their high technology investment banking group. Nicole Carter reports that she and her twin sister, Nadia, also will be at Goldman Sachs as analysts. They were busy training for Tae Kwon Do tournaments, hopeful of regaining titles they relinquished while concentrating on getting their degrees. Since they began competing again they won the Northeast InterCollegiate TKD league's final tournament of the year, which was held at Columbia, helping Columbia to win first team all-around for the first time ever. Nicole recently won the president's cup and hopes for the same success in the future. She will also continue with her other love, deejaying, and hopes to play in N.Y. clubs on the weekends.

Some, although not all, other Columbians at Goldman Sachs are Kristen Ankerbrandt, Seth Kammerman and Ben Giesmann. Yong-kyoo Rim is at Salomon Smith Barney, and he tells me there are apparently five from Columbia in the investment banking division. Mike Shen is starting at J.P. Morgan and hopes to live on the Upper West Side, after a summer spent taking a road trip of the eastern United States. He said his other immediate goals included getting headshots and sending them to agents while SAG and Equity were still on strike, and getting a masseur's license. Mike Glynn was in Florence enjoying a four-week European tour before returning to Manhattan to start work at Credit Suisse First Boston. Natalia Mehlman is also at Credit Suisse First Boston as an investment banking analyst.

Berrick Chang moved to Hong Kong in July to work for UBS Warburg, trading equity derivatives. Felix Tubiana moved to Philadelphia in August, where he's working as an assistant trader at Susquahanna Partners, after a summer of travel that included France, Germany and Italy. Dan Smith has opted for a brokerage firm in Parsippany, N.J., over the Air Force officer program for military intelligence. In N.J., Dan will work with high net worth clients who seek tax-free bonds and other commodities. He will be receiving his series seven license upon completion of the training and then will work as a broker!

After some time at home in California, Annie Ulevitch began work at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation's Manhattan Borough Office in July. Kit Yan Siu worked at Miller Theatre until mid-July, then planned to start her new job at GE's Corporate Research and Development Center in Schenectady. Erin Erdman spent the summer hanging out in Dallas but hoped to begin work at an advertising firm in N.Y. sometime in the Fall. Jonathan Sproul, who graduated last spring with a film studies degree, worked a few nights a week at the door of a local bar over the summer, where he described himself as "an identification verification and authorization expert." Jonathan thanks his Columbia degree for this prestigious opportunity.

Tanya Bank is in New York working at a non-profit organization called Harlem RBI. Jennifer Chang worked at Hartford Hospital in a summer fellowship program in clinical research and plans to take a year off before medical school. She will be working in the city while living in New Jersey. Xuan Pan is in N.Y.C. working at Barclays Capitals as an information technologist.

Elizabeth Runnoe will be staying in N.Y. working for an interactive advertising agency called Beyond Interactive as an account coordinator. Rose Francis is working at Stanford Law as an R.A. for a year and living in Palo Alto. Greg Bowman (5 Parkland Avenue, Larchmont, N.Y. 10538; h: (914) 636-0208; w: (212) 393-0348; gbowman@manciniduffy.com.) is working for Mancini Duffy, an architectural office at the World Trade Center. Matt Bloodgood will be consulting for Cap Gemini in their e-business unit here in N.Y. Mark Neighbors is still living in N.Y.C. and will be working for Grey Advertising, in their division that does traditional advertising (TV, radio, print) for dot.com companies.

Kimberly Fisher (3 Ambler Rd. Westport, Conn. 06880-3934; (203) 227-6731) just got back from Portugal and Spain with three other members of our class, Kimberly Worly, Maia Ridberg, and Jaime Sanders. She will be working at Cisco Systems where she will be trained in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park for a year before moving to an office in Rockefeller Center. Jennifer Newman will remain in N.Y.C. as the internet coordinator for IBM Interactive at the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

Lainy Destin will be working at Hale & Dorr in Boston as a corporate legal assistant. She sends her love to the class of 2000. Chip (Charles) Moore is doing well in the Boston area as well, working at a psychiatric hospital and trying to get into the U.S. Border Patrol. Good luck, Chip!

In California, Gregory B. Lemmons writes in his contact info as: 743 Stoneridge Way, Pleasant Hill, Calif. 94523. Joshua Seidenfeld, meanwhile, rode his bike across the U.S. this summer and then planned to end up in the Bay area doing music and environmental advocacy work. Josh Sternlicht moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in film and live with his girlfriend, Erin Hooks. He can be reached at 105 Crespi Drive, San Francisco, Calif. 94132; (415) 584-8137. He would like to know who else is out in the area. Swimmers Cristina Teuscher and Gerd Doherty both participated in the Olympic Trials in Indianapolis August 9-16, hopeful of competing in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia in September.

In other parts of the world, Eric Leskly tells me he will be spending the upcoming year working in Tel Aviv, while Claire Hunsaker writes from London where she is currently flat-hunting. Joanna Shen participated in the Spearhead Project, a short-term missions project with the Latin America Mission, living with a host family in Mexico City for two months. The first month entailed taking classes in Mexican history and culture and Spanish, and in the second month, she was assigned duties at a local church. She expected to also be performing at other churches as a clown and/or mime. Joanna would very much like to thank the Columbia grads and undergrads who supported her on this trip.

Richard Shih, fellow residence life staffer, has been in Taiwan, where he is teaching English and PE at Ta Hwa Senior High (a private school in the small mountain town of Yangmei). Meanwhile, he is applying to medical schools in the U.S. (for entrance in the fall of 2001). Richard will be in Taiwan until mid-fall, when he will return home to Portland, Ore. Brian Legum, meanwhile, was in Spain, where he taught Spanish while traveling with high school students.

As for me, I've been driving from Chicago to New York with friends Heidi Yeung and future roommate Rashmi Menon. Heidi will be attending medical school in Vancouver and Rashmi will be working at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda. We have a cute apartment in Arlington so please come by for a visit if you're ever in town! I'm starting my job as a paralegal at the Justice Department in the housing and civil enforcement section in the civil rights division later this summer.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in. Please keep the e-mails coming! I'd love to hear from all of you!!! If you want to get in touch with someone, please let me know. But for now, congratulations, take good care, and keep in touch!

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