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Parents Fund

Each year, the Parents Fund, as part of the Columbia College Fund, seeks unrestricted gifts to support financial aid, the Core Curriculumstudent life, and internships, and to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of educating our students. Annual giving is an investment in Columbia that pays immediate returns in students' lives and makes possible a further measure of excellence.

Parents' Giving

Parent donors provide key support in every aspect of a student’s experience and help make the Columbia education possible. Through their participation, parents affirm their roles as stakeholders in the College and express their commitment to the success of both current and future students.

Parents make:
  • current-use unrestricted gifts
    • these gifts provide a vital source of immediately available, year-to-year support that enables the College to meet current priorities and to direct resources to the school’s most critical needs. The Dean depends on the generous support of parents and alumni to reach the College’s unrestricted goal.
  • endowed gifts that provide enduring support to the priorities mentioned above  (financial aid, the Core Curriculum, student life, and internships)

Last fiscal year 1,460 families gave more than $4.7M for current use support. Parents also made generous gifts specifically for the support of students, faculty and programs. Parent participation is vital to the College's ability to provide the enriching opportunities that add up to a transformative education.

Parent Leadership Council

The mission of the Parent Leadership Council is to help Columbia College sustain its longstanding tradition of excellence. Council members are vital partners in the Dean’s efforts to create a superior undergraduate experience. Through their gifts of time, talent, and resources, more than 120 Council families support a range of initiatives that enable the College to continue offering exceptional opportunities to students. Council members make leadership contributions and engage in activities that foster the parent community and deepen the relationship between the College and its parent supporters. 

To learn more, please contact:
Heather Norgard
Senior Director, Parents Fund or (212) 851-7812

Parent Leadership Council 2017-2018        

Parent Leadership Council Co-Chairs:

Audra and Eric Cohen P: ’18, ’21

Raymond Yu ’89, EN’90 and Dr. Ya-Ning, Amy, Hsu (許雅寧) TC’07, TC’12, P: ’21

Parent Leadership Council Members:

Marc Agger and Francesca Connolly P: ’18

Elizabeth Albert and Howard Kleinman ’84, P: ’18

Melanie and George Anagnos ’80, P: ’18

Sima and Sunil Anand P: ’19, ’21

Michael Argenziano ’88, PS’92 and Maria Rodino ’88, P: ’18, ’20

Rula and Omar Asali BUS’01, P: ’18, ’20

Gael and Emile Bacha P: ’16, ’20

Edward Baker III P: ’20

Rana Baladi and Albert Baladi Moanack P: ’18

Gregory and Nairi Balian ’88, P: ’16

Ann Marie and Michael Barone P: ’17

Michele and Thomas Bass P: ’18

Sanjeev and Surabhi Bikhchandani P: ’15

Jeffrey Birnbaum and Gille Ann Rabbin P: ’20

Mary Blodgett and Carlton Calvin P: ’17

Jonathan Bram ’87 and Susan Bram TC’87, P: ’14, ’17

Michelle and Adam Cedar P: ’19

Hanna and Paul Chang P: ’17

Judy Chen and Jiong-Ming Hu P: ’18

Shirley Shujuan Chen and Douglas Zhongde Yang P: ’17

Xiaoli Chen and Hongbin Peng P: ’20

Lynn Chen-Zhang and Charles Zhang P: ’17, ’20

Constance Chiang and S. Steven Pan BUS’88, P: ’18

Kyoo Wan Cho and Sook Hyun Han P: ’20

Neguine and Jens Christensen ’84, P: ’19, ’21

Carol and Sunil Chugani P: ’18

Audra and Eric Cohen P: ’18, ’21

Qingfeng Cui and Jun Guo Gao P: ’16

Catherine and David Cuthell BUS’79, SIPA’90, GSAS’00, GSAS’05, P: ’16

Julie and Sean Dalton P: ’20

Robert Danial and Mojdeh Khaghan ’88, LAW’91, P: ’17

David Davidovich P: ’19

Elizabeth and Michael Davidsen P: ’19

Carla De Landri and Florindo Volpacchio GSAS’84, P: ’20

Melissa and Michael Der Manouel, Jr. P: ’19

Alisa Drijanski and Emilio Romano P: ’18

Jodi and Edgar Edmonds P: ’19

Supanavit and Kaveepan Eiamsakulrat P: ’17, SEAS’18

Phyllis and Hamen Fan P: ’13, BUS’15

Guirong Fang and Huazhi Gao P: ’19

Suning and Fenglei Fang P: ’04

Francisco Fernandez De Ybarra and Raquel Lucan P: ’18

Robyn Field and Anthony O'Carroll P: ’21

Zeliana Charemi and Ioannis Frangos P: ’19, SEAS’21

Maria and Lee Friedlander P: ’82

Marco Ghisolfi BUS’88, P: ’19

Ameeta and Varun Gosain P: ’19

Annalize and Francois Gouws P: ’19

Nicole and David Gruenstein ’77, P: ’18

Janice and David Gu SEAS’86, P: ’18

Edward Guo and Carol Liang P: ’18, SEAS’19

Joan and Douglas Hansen P: ’18

Jonathan Hecht and Laurel Mayer P: ’21, ’22

George and Debra Heinrich TC’84, P: ’13, ’16, GS’16

Claire Hernandez BUS’85 and Carlos Hernandez BUS’86, P: ’19

Alan Howard P: ’19, ’21

William Hui and Jing Zhao P: ’18

Margarita Inserni P: ’16

George Jiang and Helen Tang P: ’19

Jeffrey Kateman ’89, LAW’92 and Namyon Kim LAW’92, P: ’19, ’21

Robin and Jeffrey Kent PS’89, P: ’17, ’19

Patrice and Robert Kester P: ’17

Prairna and Kamal Kewlani P: ’18

Farha Khan and Ilyas Munshi P: ’19

Delia and Bijan Khosrowshahi P: ’16, ’18

Ji Yun Kim and Vincent Yoon SEAS’86, P: ’19

Kevin King and Meridee Moore P: ’13

Mary and Adam Kirsch P: ’17

Jenny and Lawrence Kong P: ’19

Ina and Mark Kupferberg P: ’18

Yael and Amnon Landan P: ’10, ’17, SEAS’07

Emmanuelle and Hugues Lepic P: ’17

Geoffrey Li and Flora Wei P: ’18

Polina and Michael Liberman P: ’19

Chun Liu and Wenjun Qiao P: ’18

Qing and Xiaosong Liu P: ’19

Karen Mahoney ’88 and Dennis Mahoney SEAS’88, P: ’20

Olga Malova and Vladimir Kuznetsov SIPA’90, SIPA’91, P: ’19

Valerie and Michael McKeever P: ’11

Kally and Othon Mourkakos P: ’17

Nicole and Allan Mutchnik P: ’19

Christopher Nawn P: ’16

Tal Nazer and Danya Alsaady P: ’21

Ann and Francis Neczypor P: ’08

Dominic Ng and Ellen Wong-Ng P: ’17

Emil Nguy and Ying Xin P: ’19

Maha and Sharif Omar P: ’16

Sujata Pandiri BC’86 and Samir Pandiri SEAS’86, BUS’90, P: ’18, ’21

Antje and PeterPaul Pardi P: ’18

Hyun Park ’84 and Catherine Park BC’84, P: ’13, ’17, ’21

Susan Pena and Gabriel Singson P: ’20

Regina Pitchon and Henry Udow P: ’14, ’18

Laura and Laurence Rabinowitz ’71, P: ’19

Elizabeth Reza Skelly ’92, LAW’97 and Paul Skelly SEAS’91, SEAS’93, SEAS’94, P: ’19

Barrie Roman GS’84, SEAS’88, P: ’18

Emmanuel Roman P: ’18

Steven Rosenblum and Monique Witt P: ’16

Susan and Edward Sanderson P: ’19

Janet Serle and Ira Malin ’75, P: ’11, ’17

David Siegal P: ’21

Kathie Plourde Simmons BC’73, P: ’12, ’19

W. Reed Simmons P: ’12, ’19

Star Soltan P: ’17

Cindy and Jason Spitz P: ’19

Maureen and Thomas Steiner P: ’17

Jonas and Natasha Steinman ’90, P: ’21, SPS

Eva and Jan Sudol P: ’20

Christine and Michel Suignard P: ’18

Shruti Tewari SIPA’94 and Pawan Tewari BUS'94, P: ’20

Blair Trippe P: ’16

Jue Wang and Chengjian Zhou P: ’19

Yu Qiao Wei and Yong An Xu P: ’17

Sio Lie Wong and Philip Pei-Fan Wang ’70, P: ’18

Beth and Scott Yagoda ’86, LAW’92, P: ’20

Yuyan Yang P: ’18

Yi Lu and Jianguo Qian P: ’20

Julie and Alexander Zaks P: ’17, ’19

Yong Zhang P: ’18

Mary and Jeffrey Zients P: ’17

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