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Parent Leadership Council Co-Chairs

Parent Leadership Council

The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is a leadership giving society exclusively for parents. Members are strategic partners of Parents Fund staff, advocating for Columbia College, serving as ambassadors for the Parents Fund and connecting with fellow parents. The PLC offers exclusive benefits for all members, including special recognition, exclusive events and communications curated for the parent community.


The generosity of the PLC helps sustain the College’s longstanding tradition of excellence. Parents may join as Members or Dean’s Circle Members with cumulative annual giving to the Parents Fund of $10,000 or $25,000, respectively.

For more information, please contact Madeline Scott at or 212-851-7957.

Members ($10,000+)

  • Welcome letter and gift
  • Newsletters
  • Invitations to PLC fall and spring meetings
  • Recognition on the PLC website and in the PLC Annual Report
  • Invitations to exclusive events and other offerings

Dean’s Circle Members ($25,000+)

  • All the benefits of the Member level, plus:
  • Special dean’s seating at Class Day
  • Invitation to Dean’s Circle Reception



  • Estelle Choe and Paul Kim CC’87, P: CC’22, CC’25
  • Robyn Field and Anthony O’Carroll P: CC’21, CC’23

  • Chairs Emeriti

Raymond H. Yu CC’89, SEAS’90, P: CC’21, CC’23, CC’25 and Amy H. Yu TC’07, TC’12, P: CC’21, CC’23, CC’25

Dean's Circle Members

  • Elizabeth Albert and Howard M. Kleinman CC’84, P: CC’18, CC’22
  • Rula L. and Omar M. Asali BUS’01, P: CC’18, CC’20
  • Edward D. Baker III P: CC’20
  • Samara Bernot Meshel CC’92, P: CC’18, CC’23 and Adam R. Meshel CC’92, LAW’95, P: CC’18, CC’23
  • Brian C. Birtwistle and Julie D. Bornstein P: CC’25
  • Gregg E. and Anna E. Brockway CC’92, P: CC’26
  • Shari R. and Gary A. Brooks P: CC’24
  • Janine Brown and Alexander J. Simmons Jr. P: CC’22
  • Lisa L. Carnoy CC’89, P: CC’26 and David A. Carnoy SOA’92, P: CC’26
  • Lynn L. Chen-Zhang and Charles C. Zhang P: CC’17, CC’20
  • Monique L. Cusson and Constantine M. Dakolias SEAS’89, P: CC’23
  • Christian Dahlberg and Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg CC’93, P: CC’23
  • Yu Dang and Ming Weng P: CC’25
  • Carla De Landri and Florindo Volpacchio GSAS’84, P: CC’20
  • Grace and James H. Dignan CC’91, P: CC’26
  • Michael Du and Rena Huang P: CC’24
  • Min Fan and Xinzhi Zhang P: CC’24
  • Jodie K. and Andrew A. Fink CC’91, LAW’94, P: CC’24
  • Michael Fu and Shirley Ying P: CC’23
  • Jeffrey A. Fuisz and Alexandra S. Diamond CC’91, P: CC’26
  • Julie Ge and Kequan Liu P: CC’24
  • Bradley J. and Michelle J. Goldberg CC’91, P: CC’25
  • Eric S. Goldstein CC’80, P: CC’15, CC’18, CC’25 and Tamar B. Goldstein BC’87, P: CC’15, CC’18, CC’25
  • Kimberley Hatchett and Tracy V. Maitland CC’82, P: CC’24
  • Melonee A. and Russell C. Horowitz CC’88, P: CC’26
  • Shuang Hou and Shengang Yuan P: CC’24
  • Wen-Lian C. Hu and Wei-Dong Jin BUS’98, P: CC’26
  • Shu-Chen Huang and Stanley S. Ko BUS’99, P: CC’23, CC’25
  • Maral and Sarkis Jebejian CC’91, LAW’94, P: CC’26
  • George Jiang and Hua Tang P: CC’19
  • Michael G. Kaiser and Michelle Estilo Kaiser CC’87, PH’92, VPS’97, P: CC’20, CC’25
  • Robyn A. Kampf and John V. Vincenti CC’90, P: CC’26
  • Kristine Kennedy CC’91, LAW’94, P: CC’24, CC’25
  • Borah and Sang Kim CC’92, P: CC’25, CC’26
  • Robin-Hwajin Y. Kim P: CC’23
  • Sungwan Kim and Hosun Yoon P: CC’23
  • Omar Kodmani CC’89, P: CC’23, CC’26 and Lina Kodmani BC’94, P: CC’23, CC’26
  • Joshua M. Kraft P: CC’22
  • Christine L. Ku and Arthur D. Kim CC’95, P: CC’23
  • Patricia L. Labrada CC’91, P: CC’23 and Michael A. Camacho CC’91, P: CC’23
  • Jae Myoung and Daniel H. Lee P: CC’26
  • Grace and Nicholas P. Leone CC’88, P: CC’19, CC’22, CC’24
  • Jian Li and Zhifeng Yang P: CC’23
  • John Manning and Yahphen Y. Chang CC’87, P: CC’24
  • Victoria F. and James C. Maroulis CC’88, P: CC’21, CC’26
  • Moe Moe and Soe Naing P: CC’22
  • Syed Ali R. Naqvi and Amna Tirmizi Naqvi P: CC’21, CC’23
  • Ann and Francis Neczypor P: CC’08
  • Jenny and Tai H. Park CC’83, P: CC’25
  • Hua Qiao and Haitao Zhai SIPA’00, P: CC’25
  • Echo Ren and Jack Wang P: CC’24
  • David I. Robbins and Joyce Chang CC’86, P: CC’24
  • Shyanne and Kurt W. Roeloffs Jr. CC’84, P: CC’25
  • Jaye T. and John A. Rogovin CC’83, P: CC’23, CC’25
  • Corinne and Robert P. Rooney CC’89, P: CC’23
  • Barbara M. and Michael S. Satow CC’88, P: CC’17, CC’26
  • Valerie and Theodore U. Schweitzer CC’91, LAW’94, P: CC’24
  • Jill and Mark Shinderman P: CC’25
  • Catherine J. and Thomas J. Strong P: CC'24
  • Margaret Sung and Michael J. Schmidtberger CC’82, LAW’85, P: CC’24
  • Thomas L. and Mila H. Tuttle CC’96, SIPA’05, P: CC’26
  • Harjeet K. and Manmeet Virdi P: CC’24
  • Sandy Wang CC’92, P: CC’24 and Christopher J. McGowan CC’92, P: CC’24
  • Yu Qiao Wei and Yong An Xu P: CC’17
  • Deborah W. and Jacob N. Wohlstadter P: CC’25, CC’26
  • Sherri P. Wolf CC’90, P: CC’21, CC’24 and Douglas R. Wolf CC’88, P: CC’21, CC’24
  • Beth L. and Scott R. Yagoda CC’86, LAW’92, P: CC’20, CC’25
  • Lisa G. and John J. Ying P: CC’23
  • Wei Zhang P: CC’22
  • Anonymous (5)


  • Fatma Al Mazrouie and Ali Bin Tamim P: CC’22
  • Gael and Emile Bacha P: CC’16, CC’20, CC’22
  • Dayna Bandman and Andrew A. Schmeltz CC’93, P: CC’24
  • Holly and Albert Baril P: CC’25
  • Gail and Joseph Barry P: CC87, CC89
  • Jennifer Wei and Andrew P. Bell LAW’92, P: CC’26
  • David Bezhuashvili and Tea Tcheishvili P: CC24
  • Lauren D. and Keith M. Breslauer P: CC’21, CC’23
  • Patricia Brett CC’87, P: CC’18, CC’21, CC’26 and James Brett CC’84, BUS’90, P: CC’18, CC’21, CC’26
  • Liru Z. and James C. Chang P: CC’26
  • Alice Chen and Yanan Wang P: CC’21, CC’24
  • Myra and Edward Chen P: CC’22
  • Kyoo Wan Cho and Sook Hyun Han P: CC’20
  • Thomas Chow CC’94, BUS’99, P: CC’24
  • Karl A. Cole-Frieman CC’92, LAW’97, P: CC’25 and Wanda Cole-Frieman BC’94, P: CC’25
  • Kara S. and Dean C. Conomikes P: CC22
  • Emmanuel DeSousa and Anastasia Zaandam P: CC’26
  • Frances M. and Patrick J. DeSouza CC80, P: CC20, CC23
  • Deborah and Scott P. DeVries P: CC’22
  • Hua Ding and George Wu P: CC25
  • Sabine Endrigkeit and Klaus Mergener P: CC24
  • Martin J. Erzinger
  • Lance S. and Leslie N. Estrada CC’94, P: CC’26
  • Andrea Everett and Jaime Mercado CC’89, P: CC’26
  • Deborah Gahr and Roy W. Pomerantz CC’83, P: CC’26
  • Ali Gulcelik and Selin Gülçelik P: CC’25
  • Kun He and Hai Jun Xia P: CC’26
  • Hongtao T. Hou and Sophie X. Wang P: CC’25
  • Yong Huang and Yang Xu P: CC’26
  • William K. Hui and Jing Zhao P: CC’18, CC’23
  • Brett Humphreys and Samantha J. Merton BUS’95, GSAS’00, P: CC’23
  • Nancy and Kobi Karp P: CC’25
  • Nina E. Kottler and Evan A. Malter CC’96, P: CC’26
  • Yongchun Lang and Ping Wu P: CC’23
  • Xia Lin and Hong Bo Qi P: CC’25
  • Claudia E. and Raymund J. Llaurado P: CC’23
  • Yi Lu and Jianguo Qian P: CC’20
  • Qun Lu and Meijuan Wu P: CC’24
  • Ellen V. and Matthew P. Masseur P: CC’23
  • Chengwei Meng and Wenjie Ning P: CC’21
  • Ritu Metzger CC’94, P: CC’26 and Alex S. Metzger CC’94, P: CC’26
  • Orly Mishan CC’94, P: CC’26 and Timothy W. Crawford GSAS’96, GSAS’01, P: CC’26
  • Michaela and Matthew J. Nelson CC’86, P: CC’24
  • Lidong Ni and Angel Zheng P: CC25
  • John E. O'Toole Jr. and Kristin L. Walter P: CC’25
  • Naxin J. Paik SEAS’91, SEAS’96, P: CC’24 and Edward Y. Paik SEAS’91, BUS’96, P: CC’24
  • Louise R. Radin and Leonard Kreynin CC’86, GSAS’88, LAW’90, P: CC’25
  • Haralambos Raftopoulos and Amelia E. Prounis-Raftopoulos SIPA’87, P: CC’22, CC’25
  • Tamara J. and James Ramenda P: CC’23
  • Robin K. Reingold and Jonathan Susman CC’87, P: CC’26
  • Elizabeth A. and Seth D. Rosen BUS’98, P: CC’21
  • James A. Rothman and Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman CC’88, P: CC’26
  • Vikram Sahai and Rashmi Sinha P: CC’24
  • Linda V. and Vincent R. Saladini CC’80, PS’84, P: CC’25
  • Lisa Beth F. and Adam J. Savitz P: CC’23
  • Sharon E. Silver LAW’95, P: CC’25 and LeRoy Elazar Rabbani VPS’84, P: CC’25
  • Celine P. and Dan Shimizu P: CC’25
  • Cathryn E. and Matthew J. Sodl CC’88, P: CC’26
  • Martha N. and Peter C. Stabler P: CC’22
  • Maria and George L. Staphos BUS’92, P: CC’22, CC’25
  • Regine E. and James C. Stone CC’90, BUS’96, P: CC’25
  • Karen B. and Greg Torborg CC’90, P: CC’22
  • Matthew E. Tropp and Julie A. Levy CC’91, P: CC’21, CC’25
  • Stacey V. and Nicholas Tsapatsaris P: CC’22
  • Jenny and Liren Wei P: CC23
  • Anonymous (2)

​Pictured in photo (left to right): Paul Kim CC’87, P: CC’22, CC’25 and Estelle Choe P: CC’22, CC’25, Robyn Field and Anthony O'Carroll P: CC’21, CC’23