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What We've Gained From OMP

The Odyssey Mentoring Program is meant to be a source of support for College students and young alumni. What does that mean exactly? We talked to four members of your class who have used the Odyssey platform extensively about what they've gotten out of the experience.

Collins Mokua CC’21
Collins Mokua CC'21

What has been most helpful about connecting with alumni?

Having my eyes opened to the number of options available after graduation has been phenomenal. It encourages me to be bold about pursuing my interest, because there is no "right" answer. As one alum told me, "It doesn't matter what step you take, as long as you take a step." Presumably forward, but regardless, a step is action and that is really what life is all about. Alumni have helped me deal with the anxiety of taking on the world as a "real" adult simply by sharing their journeys and retelling how they had the same fears and anxieties.

What has been most surprising about connecting with and hearing from alumni?

How relatable they can be despite being so far along in their respective careers. It's grounding to hear the stories of how people got to where they are. It helps in building confidence in the process. They always say "trust the process," but it's significantly harder to trust something we cannot see or touch. Alumni are so impactful in proving that indeed, the process does work and that things always move forward for the best.

Alondra Aguilar CC’21
Alondra Aguilar CC'21

What has been most helpful being a mentee?

Speaking with someone who comes from a similar background and thus really understands my goals! Carlos has provided an abundance of insights that I would not know how to find otherwise.

What has been most surprising about being a mentee?

How helpful having a mentor can be! Not just in terms of career guidance but also life guidance. Whether I am having a hard time making a decision about classes, applications or something else it feels great to know I have someone I can reach out to who will help me make the best decision for myself.

Esterah Brown CC’21
Esterah Brown CC'21

What has been most surprising about connecting with and hearing from alumni?

All of the alumni I have met are so insightful, generous with their time, and open about the challenges they have faced. I was surprised by how much of their time they gave, how optimistic they were, and how relevant their advice was. Especially with networking tips and finding your fit in the professional world.

Timothy Eng CC’21
Timothy Eng CC'21

What has been the most helpful part of being a mentee?

Having an extra avenue through which to seek advice from alumni. Last summer, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do this summer or beyond, and I feel like talking with alumni who’ve been through the Columbia and post-grad experience provides another perspective and challenged my assumptions on what I thought I might want. It also helps that some of the mentors are not on the career path I’m hoping to pursue; it provides a different perspective.


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