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Each year, the Parents Fund, as part of the Columbia College Fund, seeks annual unrestricted gifts to support financial aid, the Core Curriculum, student life and internships, and to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of educating our students. Annual giving is an investment in Columbia that pays immediate returns in students’ lives and makes possible a further measure of excellence.

Last fiscal year, over 1,400 parents gave more than $4 million in current-use support. Parent donors provide key support in every aspect of a student’s experience and help make the Columbia education possible. Through their participation, parents affirm their roles as stakeholders in the College and express their commitment to the success of both current and future students.

Honoring Our Donors

Each year, Columbia College produces the Columbia College Annual Report to recognize donors who have given to the College and to highlight the myriad ways in which students have benefited from their support.

Columbia College Annual Report

Additionally, the John Jay Associates program recognizes the generosity and support of parents, alumni and friends whose cumulative annual giving to the College Fund totals $1,500 or more.