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Saturday, April 22, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Columbia University
Morningside Heights Campus
10025 New York , NY
This event is past. See the events calendar for upcoming events.

This April, hundreds of alumni and students will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the graduation of Columbia College's first fully coeducational class. We will reflect on our journeys, the wisdom we have gained and the opportunities and challenges ahead. In the decades since the first class with women arrived at the College, much has changed for women here and in the world at large, but still, much remains to be done. The women's symposium offers opportunities to learn, discuss, network and celebrate as we come together to honor the past and look to the future.​​

This event is supported in full by the Columbia College Alumni Association.

Photo of CCW30 Speakers (as of February 22, 2017)

Planning Committee

  • Virginia Cornish CC'91
  • Poppy Harlow CC'05
  • Stefanie Katz-Rothman CC'88
  • Katie Kingsbery CC'07
  • Christina Macchiarola CC'10
  • Nathania Nisonson CC'03
  • Elizabeth Robilotti CC'99
  • Teresa Saputo-Crerend CC'87
  • Claire Shanley CC'92
  • Mila Tuttle CC'96
  • Suzanne Waltman CC'87
  • Sherri Wolf CC'90

Host Committee

  • Zila Acosta CC'11
  • Maria Alzuru CC'10
  • Allyson Baker CC'95
  • Whitney Berkholtz Chiate CC'96
  • Tiffany Bryant CC'08
  • Monica Byrne-Jimenez CC'88
  • Allie Carieri CC'15
  • Laura Ciolkowski CC'88
  • Christine Cronin Hurst CC'84
  • Ashley Culver CC'15
  • Ana German CC'07
  • Gerri Gold CC'87
    Asalia Goldberg CC'12
  • Jenn Goldstone CC'95
  • Stef Goodsell CC'09
  • Kathryn (Hudacek) Harlow CC'94
  • Rhonda Henderson CC’00
  • Candice Herschel CC'14
  • Katherine Howitt CC'13
  • Marvellous Iheukwumere CC'14
  • Lee Ilan CC'87
  • Afiya Jordan CC'00
  • Sarah Kass CC'87
  • Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti CC'12
  • Rose Kob CC'96
  • Yumi Koh CC'93
  • Elizabeth Kubany CC'91
  • Joanne Kwong CC'97
  • Jenna Lomeli CC'15
  • Janet Lorin CC'95
  • Sophie Luo CC'14
  • Donna MacPhee CC'89
  • Katrina Martell CC'16
  • Hilary Martin CC'15
  • Diane Orlinsky CC'88
  • Estelle Perera CC'97
  • Marya Pollack CC'87
  • Michelle Qiuyun Tan CC'16
    Bonnie Rosenberg CC'91
  • Meryl Rosofsky CC'86
  • Ana Salper CC'96
  • Rebecca Schechter Fattell CC’14
  • Stephanie Schwartz CC'88
  • Amirah Sequeira CC'12
  • Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard CC'93
  • Stephanie Sirota CC'97
  • Lara Stolman CC'91
  • Zahrah Taufique CC'09
  • Laura Vigilante CC'14
  • Kate Ward CC'98
  • Estelle Winkelman CC'15
  • Sahng-Ah Yoo CC'15
  • Janice Yoon CC'14
  • Lauren Bauer Zinman CC'90

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Columbia College Women (CCW)

Upon graduation, all Columbia College women graduates automatically become members of Columbia College Women (CCW), a community for alumnae, students and faculty.

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History of Women at Columbia College

Thirty years ago, the Class of 1987 broke new ground by ending more than a 200-year tradition and becoming the first fully coed class of Columbia College.

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