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Learn About Mentoring

Stay connected to life as a student or young alumni by becoming a mentor. Mentoring is a unique opportunity for alumni to form both a meaningful relationship with a student or young alumni and to strengthen ties to the College at the same time.

By mentoring, you provide insight, friendship and career guidance, exposing them to your career path and life perspective. Mentors also provide inspiration and support, assisting students in forging their own way on campus and in the world. Together, mentors and students form a community that extends well beyond the Morningside campus.

To become part of a student's life, you can:

  • Take a student for a meal or coffee
  • Host a job-shadowing day at your workplace
  • Make yourself available to a student, whether in person, by phone or via email, to discuss life at Columbia College, careers or life at large

Here are some communities to mentor in:

Online Mentoring Community

Our online mentoring program is open to all Columbia College alumni and students! Participants can message one another, ask quick questions, find others with similar interests or careers, and much more.

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Rachel Rodin

Columbia College Women Mentoring

CCW offers a vibrant mentoring program that matches alumnae mentors with current students and young alumnae, creating connections through events and the online mentoring community.

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