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President’s Cup

The President’s Cup is the highest recognition awarded by the Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA) for service in a reunion year. A committee of alumni and Columbia College staff choose the recipient based on efforts for hosting meetings, leading the Class Gift challenge and spreading goodwill to classmates. This honor distinguishes the recipient from among the many reunion volunteers. The Cup is named for the president of the CCAA and is awarded annually to an alumnus/a for contributions to his or her class’ reunion.

Photo of alumni receiving Presidents Cup

Left: Dean James J. Valentini presents the 2015 President's Cup to Michael Cook ’65 for leadership during his 50th reunion

Right: Trustee Emeritus Steve Case ’64, LAW’68 (center) was presented the 2014 President's Cup on October 11, 2014 for leadership during his 50th reunion. Presenting the cup were Dean James J. Valentini (left) and CCAA President Douglas R. Wolf ’88 (right).

Whatever I have achieved since Columbia, I owe in no small part to my days here. That is why I try to give back. That is why I accept this Cup with gratitude. Thank you.

— Remarks by Bernard Nussbaum CC’58 upon receiving the 2009 President's Cup for his 50th reunion contributions the previous year


  • 2016 • Michael Garrett CC’66, LAW’69, BUS’70
  • 2015 • Michael L. Cook CC’65
  • 2014 • Steve Case CC’64, LAW’68
  • 2013 • Peter Hatch CC’92
  • 2012 • Ted Schweitzer CC’91
  • 2011 • Bob Berne CC’60
  • 2010 • Michael Behringer CC’89
  • 2009 • Bernard Nussbaum CC’58
  • 2008 • Joseph Cabrera CC’82
  • 2007 • Brian Krisberg CC’81
  • 2006 • Gerald Sherwin CC’55
  • 2005 • Brooks Klimley CC’79
  • 2004 • George Lowry CC’53
  • 2003 • Ed Weinstein CC’57
  • 2002 • George Koplinka CC’51
  • 2001 • Mario Palmieri CC’50
  • 2000 • Raymond D. LaRaja CC’59
  • 1999 • Victor Futter CC’39
  • 1989 • Fon Wyman Boardman Jr. CC’34
  • 1985 • Ellis B. Gardner CC’40