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Columbia University Hong Kong Fund

To help our friends and alumni from Hong Kong support the University and receive income tax benefits, we have established the Columbia University Hong Kong Fund which is registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Hong Kong residents who make their gifts to this fund may deduct the donated amount from their total income, up to a maximum percent of their income (35% in 2009-10).

You may make gifts to the fund through a wire transfer of cash. For transfer details, please contact Dorota Gonera at or 212-851-7829.

For more information about the tax benefits, you can consult the Inland Revenue Department Web site:

Bob Chiu, a ’71 Columbia SEAS graduate in Hong Kong whom you may know, is a trustee for the trust, and he may be helpful in providing additional information. You can reach Bob at +852 2298 3298.