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International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) supports and advises on efforts to engage international alumni philanthropically. Members of the IAB represent the most dedicated Columbia College Fund volunteers living abroad.

These alumni work to foster a culture of giving among the international alumni community and support the College Fund’s fundraising efforts abroad. Meeting quarterly with College Fund staff, the IAB develops fundraising strategies and identifies and solicits potential donors. They determine best practices for communications, ensuring that they are culturally aware and regionally relevant.

2021-22 BOARD


  • Thomas Chow CC’94, BUS’99, P: CC’24

  • Sharon Yang CC’07


  • Sheetal Banerjee CC89, P: CC24

  • Charlotte Barker CC10

  • Cathy Chen CC11

  • Jennifer Dahlberg CC93, P: CC23

  • Alison Donohoe Albert CC97

  • Marc-Aurele Ferracci CC15

  • Matthew Harold CC10

  • Keith Hernandez CC07

  • Sonia Hirdaramani CC02

  • Catherine Jenkinson CC16

  • Daniel Kanak CC10

  • Martin Mora Montoya CC17

  • Alisa Nakamine CC06

  • Adam Pencz CC13

  • Santiago Potes CC20

  • Omer Salamat CC01

  • Andrea Viejo CC15