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How to Use Odyssey

How to Use Odyssey

The Odyssey Mentoring Program is designed to be flexible and to help you mentor or just connect informally with others in the Columbia College community. You can use the program to:


  • Go to My Home and on the lefthand side click Search.

  • From there you’ll be able to search for alumni using a combination of criteria. Try a Field/Industry-based search and add Nearest Major City for a local connection, or a type in a person’s name or a company name in a Keyword search.

  • If you’ve found someone whose profile interests you, click Contact and the alum will receive an email that you’ve reached out via Odyssey.


Once you’ve created a profile, current students might reach out to you for mentoring, general advice or even with a question. They might be drawn to your industry, your skills or personal factors like your interests, identity or where you live. Being available to answer questions, meet for coffee or lunch, or mentor are several ways you can help students succeed in their Columbia College journey by connecting them to the greater College community.

NOTE: Alumni cannot search for or reach out to students directly via the program. When a student has reached out you through Odyssey, you’ll receive an email.

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Odyssey Mentoring Program

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Having an alum mentor gave me insight into strength of the Columbia community. I was inspired by my mentor as well as comforted by the advice and guidance I was able to receive from someone who could relate to my experiences.
Lindsey Remark CC’17

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