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Mini-Core Classes

This exhilarating program encourages small-class dialogue among generations of alumni and offers participants a new perspective on an enduring topic, much like the famed Core Curriculum that all College students experience.

Mini Core Class

What Are Mini-Core Classes?

Mini-Core Classes are a series of classes that offer College alumni the opportunity to revisit the Core, and its profound intellectual impact, in a seminar-like setting with a distinguished faculty member and other alumni. Topics relate to the Core Curriculum but explore new texts or ideas with the purpose of allowing for rich conversation, debate and discussion that can expand participants' perspective on the world in relation to enduring topics such as ethics, humanity, justice and religion.

Mini-Core Structure

We offer three Mini-Core Class series each academic year, with each taking place across three evening sessions. Each series focuses on either Literature Humanities, Contemporary Civilization or another Core course (Art Humanities, Music Humanities or Frontiers of Science).

Classes are typically hosted by generous alumni who are passionate about the intellectual experience they had at the College. Most are held at convenient midtown office locations, and light refreshments are provided. Reading assignments are made by the professor about a month in advance.

Register for a Class

Classes are limited to 30 participants in order to inspire close discourse and conversation, reminiscent of the undergraduate Core Curriculum experience.

Cost is $200 per alumnus/a for each series and $150 per young alumnus/a (within 10 years of graduation).

Space permitting, each alumnus/a may invite one non-alumnus/a as a guest for the same price as the alumnus/a.

Registration for each class opens about two months in advance.

Upcoming Classes


Music Humanities Mini-Core Class: Masterpieces of Western Music, Revisited

Past Classes

Literature Humanities Mini-Core Class: The Brothers Karamazov