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Reunion Leadership Partners

The Reunion Leadership Partners is a leadership giving society for Columbia College alumni celebrating a milestone reunion. Members pave the way for their class reunion campaigns, and their support is crucial to sustaining the needs of the College and its remarkable students.

Membership Levels

Columbia College alumni celebrating a milestone reunion may join the Reunion Leadership Partners with cumulative annual giving of $10,000 or more in support of the Columbia College Fund. Alumni from the Classes of 2021 and 2017 may join with cumulative annual giving of $1,000 or $5,000, respectively.


Membership in the Reunion Leadership Partners includes unique opportunities to connect with the College leading up to and following Reunion.

  • Special recognition at Reunion

  • Invitations to the Dean’s Circle Reception and other Columbia College events

  • Exclusive Reunion communications

  • Membership and benefits of the John Jay Associates

See a list of members from Reunion 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021


Bob Umans CC62
Russell F. Warren CC62
Robert F. Coviello CC67, BUS68, P: CC99
Jeffrey W. Herrmann CC’67, GSAS’68
Gary A. Szakmary CC72, P: CC04
Anonymous CC77
Sherman Chu CC82, SEAS83
Victor M. Lopez-Balboa CC82, P: CC14, CC19
David Benjamin Barry CC87, P: CC17
Kyra Tirana Barry CC87, P: CC17
Yahphen Y. Chang CC87, P: CC24
Divonne M. Holmes à Court CC87
Eric A. Mendelson CC87, BUS89, P: CC17, CC18, BUS19
Paul Kim CC87, P: CC22, CC25
Francis K. Au CC92
Anna E. Brockway CC92
Lydia Christina Callaghan CC92
Karl A. Cole-Frieman CC92, LAW97
Sean Hecker CC92
Karen Lee CC’92
Manu S. Rana CC92
Richard N. de los Reyes CC97
Gail Anita Katz CC97
Sungmee Kim CC97
Eric J. Wolf, M.D. CC’97, VPS’02
Scott H. Koonin CC’02

Randi and Max Saffian CC02
Keith Hernandez CC07
Andrew Thomas O'Connor CC’07
Tao Tan CC07, BUS11
Maya Pandit CC17, PH19
Mitchell Zhang CC’17

Past Events