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Reunion Leadership Partners

The Reunion Leadership Partners is a leadership giving society for Columbia College alumni celebrating a milestone reunion. Members pave the way for their class reunion campaigns, and their support is crucial to sustaining the needs of the College and its remarkable students.

Membership Levels

Columbia College alumni celebrating a milestone reunion may join the Reunion Leadership Partners with cumulative annual giving of $10,000 or more in support of the Columbia College Fund. Alumni from the Classes of 2023, 2019 and 2014 may join with cumulative annual giving of $1,500, $2,500 and $5,000, respectively.


Membership in the Reunion Leadership Partners includes unique opportunities to connect with the College leading up to and following Reunion.

  • Special recognition at Reunion

  • Invitations to the Dean’s Circle Reception and other Columbia College events

  • Exclusive Reunion communications

  • Membership and benefits of the John Jay Associates

See a list of members from Reunion 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.


Rudolph L. Cutino CC49
Ira Friedman CC59, BUS77, P: CC88, SIPA92
Kenneth P. Scheffel CC59
Peter C. Canellos CC64, LAW67, P: CC96
Arthur L. Frank CC64
William T. Lewis CC69
Richard G. Menaker CC69
Rodman W. Benedict CC74, LAW77
Roger J. Lee CC74, BUS’76
Thomas P. Long CC
74, P: CC08
David A. Melnick CC74, PS78, P: CC03
Francis J. Aquila CC79
Jonathan I. Mishkin CC79
James Brett CC84, BUS90, P: CC18, CC21, CC26
Mitchell S. Eitel CC84, LAW87
Kurt W. Roeloffs Jr. CC84, P: CC25
Carlton E. Wessel CC84, P: CC23
Lisa L. Carnoy CC89, P: CC26
Jeffrey L. Kateman CC89, LAW92, P: CC19, CC21, LAW22, LAW25
Omar Kodmani CC89, P: CC23, CC’26
Emily Miles Terry CC
Kaivan M. Shakib CC’89
Joanna L. Silver CC
Brian J. Thomson CC89, P: CC27
Raymond H. Yu CC89, SEAS90, P: CC21, CC23, CC25
Richard S. Au CC94
Thomas Chow CC’94, BUS99, P: CC’24
Nancy Lu CC
Alex S. Metzger CC94, P: CC26
Ritu Metzger CC94, P: CC26
Daniel K. Ng CC94
Patrick O. Tsang CC94
Nina Zipser CC94
Lori Alvino McGill CC99, LAW’03
Steve J. Choe CC
Suzanne Greenstein Vogel CC
Robert C. Hora CC99
Albert H. Kim CC99
Andrew Z. Lebwohl CC04, LAW07
Alexandra D. Klingenstein CC09
Camille E. Ward CC19
Miles F. Savitz CC23

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