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Spring 2020 Art Humanities Mini-Core: Understanding Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Sketch

Understanding Architecture | Barry Bergdoll, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History and Archeology

Session 1: Principles of architecture, space and structure
This return to Art Humanities will start with a discussion of the Parthenon and Chartres Cathedral (and their legacies) to understand basic structural principles. It will be followed by a discussion of the battle of styles in 19th-century architecture and the issue of revivalism.

Session 2: Richardson – Sullivan – Wright
This session will focus on an American trio, the evolution of the American skyscraper, and the revolution in space planning in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. It will also highlight the Frank Lloyd Wright archive at Columbia/Avery and offer a lesson in reading architectural drawings.

Session 3: Modernism/Post-Modernism
This session will move from the Bauhaus to the critique of the Bauhaus to the revival of interest in Bauhaus for the Core Centenary year (2019-20).

Registration will open approximately February 1, 2020.


Tuesday, March 24
Tuesday, April 7
Tuesday, April 21
6:308:30 p.m.


Tickets: $160 for three evenings

($100 for Young Alumni in class years 2010-2019)


To be confirmed upon registration


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Registration opens about five weeks prior to the start of class. Have questions about the course or registration?

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