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Getting Started

Getting Started

When you’ve found an alum in the Odyssey Mentoring Program community whose profile stands out to you, you’ll want to introduce yourself. But we know for many, this can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions on how to craft a solid opening message and begin the conversation.

  • Mention what drew you to the alum’s profile so he or she knows why you’ve reached out.

  • Say a bit about who you are: where you live or, if relevant, where you’re from, what you do or what fields you’re interested in.

  • Briefly indicate what you’d like to connect about: mentorship opportunities, expanding your network, an introduction at a company or graduate school or asking a question about how to build a skill they already have.

  • Suggest a way to continue the conversation: an email reply, a phone call or a meetup.

From there, choose Contact or Request as Mentor. Either way, the alum will be notified via email, making it easy for them to reply.

Current students are encouraged to contact you in these same ways, so be on the lookout for emails!

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Guiding current students as they make important career decisions is deeply impactful and rewarding. During my junior year, my mentor let me shadow him for a week and introduced me to the world of tech startups.

Last summer, I did the same by having a current student shadow me. He was excited by what we were working on and decided to join us for his summer internship.
Jason Feng CC’14

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